50 Years of Clogging in Reading  

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Clog and Step Dance Festival

The aims of RTSDG were to seek out traditional step dances, perform them to a high standard and to pass on their knowledge. In  the early days, the group was in demand to teach at festivals and other folk events, this led to the group holding its own Clog & Step Dance Festival.  

The group ran 24 Festivals, latterly there were as many as 12 workshops including a musicians workshop.  In some years, 250 people converged on Maidenhead in October for a day of learning and performing followed by an evening dancing for those with enough energy.   A great occasion  to learn new dances, watch brilliant performances, meet old friends or buy new pair of clogs.

In the late 1990s many schools were putting down carpet in their classrooms and the group found it increasingly difficult to find a venue without carpets to accommodate such a large event, the final Festival was held in 2002.