50 Years of Clogging in Reading  

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Our predecessor, Reading Traditional and Step Dance group was founded in 1965.  Founder members were Ian & Alisa Dunmur, Jennifer Millest and John Walford followed in 1966 by Mike Cherry who is still a member.

 In the first 30 years, group members were involved in collecting and recording dances which would otherwise been lost.  

It was also important to make sure that dances were passed on to other dancers and for that reason the group organised  24 Festivals which were workshop days when 250 people from all over the country gathered to learn new dances and watch performances by talented dancers.

Aldbrickham Clog & Step Dancers was formed in 2001 and we continue to perform the dances and create new ones using the traditional steps.

We don’t have any pictures earlier than 1979 so if you have any pictures or recollections which you are prepared to share with us we would be glad to hear from you.  Please email Anne, we also have a Facebook page.

Click here to see the pictures of the celebrations in Reading May 2015