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Reading Cloggies Festival Videos  A unique record of clog & step dancing

Professionally filmed videos of the Reading Cloggies Festival performances

Featuring many well known clog and step dancers and dance groups


Each Video includes the Performers Show which is a fantastic historical record of the talents of many exceptional clog and step dancers.

The Workshop Show was filmed at the end of the day when the workshop participants showed what they had learned.  These dances are usually shown at slower than normal performance speed and were intended as a reminder to allow workshop members and other dancers to learn the dances from the film.  All the videos except 1996 and 2002 also include a lecture.

We no longer hold stock of the videos, we have given master copies to Garland Films who are converting them to DVD after which they will be available for sale.    Click for Garland Films website

1996 Festival

Performers Show

Northampton Four -

Honeysuckle & Bee

Stage Tap - Ronnie Collis

None So Pretty – Jack Brown

Improvised Scottish Step Dance -Cape Breton, Canada – Frank McConnell

Miss Gayton’s Hornpipe - Lesley Gowers

 New Forest Dance Tunes– Stan Seamen

Yorkshire Clog Dance – Gwen Naylor

Northumberland & Durham Clog – Peter Brown

Modern Style French

 Canadian Step Dancing - Ross Allan

Workshop Show

Northumberland & Durham Clog Hornpipe – Peter Brown

Lakeland Clog – Gill McNab

English Social Dances with Stepping – John Walford

Sammy Bell Exhibition Hornpipe – Tony Sever

Run o’t Mill – Theresa Hindle & Deborah Riley

Lily of Laguna – Gwen Naylor

Irish Set Dance – Val Knight

Dirk Dance - John Wesencraft & Jane Lloyd

Jig Steps – Peter Clifton

Appalachian Clogging – Ross Allan

Old Lancs Heel & Toe – Pat Tracey & Katherine Tattershall

Adamson’s Clog Hornpipe – Ian Dunmur

1997 Festival

Performers Show

Military Routine - Ossy Cloggers

Broom Dance- Shuttlers Clog

17 Lakeland Steps- Ian Dunmur

S African Boot Dance - Ira Bernstein

Strathspey & Reel Steps Cape Breton style - Jo Harmer & Nina Barrel

Mixed rhythm unaccompanied routine - Alison Hargreaves & Carrie Davies

Quebecois Step Dance - Ira Bernstein

English Clog & Jazz Tap - Penny Brookman & Dennis Victory

Seven Slip jig steps - Ednie Wilson

Ira Bernstein - Durham Style Hornpipe

Old Lancs Heel & Toe - Pat Tracey

Workshop Show

Irish Jig from Burscough - Madeleine Smith

Old Lancs Heel & Toe Steps - John Walford

Northumberland & Durham Clog Hornpipe - Peter Brown

Bacca Pipes & Other Jigs - Jack Brown

Dutch Dance - Theresa Hindle & Deborah Riley

Miss Gaytons Hornpipe - Lesley Gowers

Elsie Brooks' Schottische Steps - Ednie Wilson

Cape Breton Reel & Strathspey Steps - Jo Harmer

Ivy Sands Exhibition Steps - Chris & Alice Metherell

Appalachian Flat Footing - Ira Bernstein


‘The Anomaly of Appalachian Clogging in the United Kingdom’ -

Ira Bernstein

1999 Festival

Performers Show

Cumberland Sword Dance –

Allenova School

Sheepskins - Isis

Dance for Five – Woodfidley

Step Dancing in 6/8 from Outaouais Region – Pierre Chartrand

Hit the Road, Jack – Allenova School of Dance

Jig Steps from Sam Sherry (1970s) –

Peter Clifton

Westmoreland Steps to Ragtime Tunes – Pennyroyal Clog Dancers

Step Dance in 3/2 from Saguenny Region – Pierre Chartrand

A Capella – Broken Ankles

North East Reel & Steps – Jane Pollitt

Music of the Mills –

Pat Tracey & Camden Sharp Steppers

Step Dancing in 2/4 – Pierre Chartrand

Workshop Show

Musicians Workshop – Jack Brothwell

Waltz, Hornpipe, Reel & Jig – Mike Cherry

Mrs. Marhoff’s Single Hornpipe – John Walford

Westmoreland/Lakeland Clog Hornpipe – Jennifer Millest

Manx Dances – Nigel Close & Woodfidley

Northumberland & Durham Clog Hornpipe – Peter Brown

Lily of Laguna & Narcissus – Lesley Gowers

Earl of Erroll, Hill Manuscript – Colin Robertson

Five Step Reel – Jane Pollitt

French Canadian Step Dancing from Saguenay Region – Pierre Chartrand


The Origins of Step Dancing in Quebec, the Saguenay Region and its Style – Pierre Chartrand.

2000 Festival

Performers Show

Open Ring Appalachian Clogging – Broken Ankles

Pat Tracey’s Slow Hornpipe – Crosby Lake Clatterers

Hambone Percussion – Julie Young

Welsh Clog – Annie Moore & Mike Cherry

Steps Collected in North East - In Step Research Team

Ontario Waltz – Jo Harmer

Rapper Sword dance – High Spen Blue Diamonds Rapper

Workshop Show

Appalachian Clogging Routine - Penny & Anthony Allan

Musicians Workshop - Jack Brothwell

The Sailors Hornpipe - Bob Parker

Lakeland Clog - John Walford

Rapper Sword Dance - Alex Fisher

Liverpool Hornpipe & Cumberland Sword Dance - Jennifer Millest

Old Lancs. Heel & Toe Routine B - Kathryn Tattershall

Woodland Flowers Routine - Geoff Hughes

Welsh Clog Step - Carol Loughlin

Jig Steps from Sam Sherry - Peter Clifton

Rapper Sword dance - High Spen Blue Diamonds


21 Years Collecting Clog – Chris Metherell 

2001 Festival

Performers Show

Durham Hornpipe – Young Miscellany

Irish Hard & Soft Shoe – Heneghan Dancers

Sam Sherry Exhibition Steps – Chas Fraser

A Musical Mudley – Paul Hutchinson

North Country Clog – Brenda Walker

Rag Time Band – Simon Harmer

Rapper Sword Dance – East Saxon Sword

Workshop Show

Musicians Workshop – Paul Hutchinson

Devon Broom & Al Bal Whenney – Rachel Hitchcock

Sam Sherry Lancashire Hornpipe – Chas Fraser

Westmoreland Memory – Chris Coe

East Fife Hornpipe – Leslie Thackeray

Song Bedlam (I Love My Love) - Karen & Colin Cater

Ontario Waltz – Jo Harmer

Northumberland & Durham Jig Steps – Brenda Walker

Rapper Sword Dance – East Saxon Sword


Collection of Traditional & Step Dancing and Clog Revival over the last 50 years – Jennifer Millest

2002 Festival

Performers Show

Fran’s Dance – Oracle, Newport

Lakeland Steps – Ian Dunmur

Elsie Brooks Steps – Sam Steele - Ridgeway Revellers

Manx Fisherman’s Jig – Ian Craigs & Jean Smith – Brenda Walker’s Reels

Reel-Jig-Hornpipe Medley – David James

Sam Sherry’s Waltz Steps – Carol Nutter

Old Lancs, Lancashire Irish – Camden Clog

Workshop Show

Musicians Workshop - Ian Dunmur

The Nutting Girl, Morris Jig – Mike Garland

Pat Tracey’s Beginners Waltz – Kathryn Tattlers

Moving Feet – Simon Harmer

The Blackbird – David James

Marley Military Roll – Carol Nutter

Elsie Willis’ Double Hornpipe – Ian Craigs

Sam Sherry’s Schottische - Melanie Barber

1998 Festival

Performers Show

3 Dance Routine – Knickerbocker Glory

Her y Dafern / Tavern Contest – Osian Evans & Aron Davies

Waltz Medley – City Clickers

Rhythm Tap – Ira Bernstein

Country Dance Medley – Maids Morris, Subriny’s Minuet, Northern Nancy - Ladies Maid

Cowper’s Pedestal Dance – Ian Dunmur

Sauerländer 5 & Kruz König – Reading Cloggies

Quebecois Waltz Clog – Ira Bernstein

3/2 Hornpipe, Modern, Ragtime – Jane Pollitt

Footnotes & Trocadero – Puffin Billy’s

10 Best Rhythm Blues & Jazz – Dennis Victory

Appalachian Flatfooting – Ira Bernstein

Workshop Show

Lakeland Clog Steps & Dances – John Walford

Sammy Bell’s Waltz – Julie Williams

Morris Jigs – All the Winds & Shepherd’s Hey – Jack Brown

Scottish Reels c. 1800 – Anne Daye

Musicians Workshop – Chris Jewell

Carmarthenshire Contemporary Clog – Ossian Evans & Aron Davies

British Jazz Tap – Dennis Victory

Lancs Irish Party Dance – Pat Tracey

Anna Marley Soft Shoe Clog - Carol Nutter

Lancashire & Cheshire Competition Hornpipe – Jane Pollitt

Appalachian Flatfooting – Ira Bernstein


The Strathspey Reel – Strictly National & Peculiar to Scotland

Anne Daye

clog workshop Camden Clog Ian Dunmur Peter Brown

Ian Dunmur

Peter Brown